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My name is Jim Whitington. I discovered the world of dolphin fighting in 1997 during a trip out to Vegas. I fought and trained my own dolphin, Mr. Smiley Wiggles, for four years, and now mostly enjoy going to matches and helping other dolphin fighting trainers learn the ropes.

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Archive for September, 2007

Winter and his new tail

image3151289g.jpgOne of my old fighting pals, Kevin Carroll, has built a prosthetic tail for his retired dolphin Winter (who now lives at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Aquatic Battle Colosseum. CBS and Engadget have all the details. I can’t wait until battle-ready prosthetics are on the market. I suspect they’ll really up the stakes for what this sport is capable of.

More press mentions

Backyard pools make great dolphin fighting venues

2006 Dolphin Fighting Championship in Tampa Florida. Koondo versus Miss Flipsy:


RIP Mr. Smiley Wiggles (Southern Region Dolphin Champ 1998-2001). Photo taken during the 2002 Southern semifinals: Mr. Smiley Wiggles (top) vs. Sir Cucumber Salad (bottom):


Teaching children to value money

Here’s a picture of my daughter tina betting $7000 dollars on Fish Taco Breath during the 2004 world championships


MSNBC.com quotes Al Sharpton on dolphin fighting

MSNBC.com screenshots:



Here’s a link to the corrected MSNBC.com article.

And here’s the original Al Sharpton post.

Dolphin Fighting on television

Dolphin fighting on FOX News:

Dolphin Fighting on Reuters TV:

Know of any other dolphin fighting mentions on TV. Let me know.